Day Old Hair Vs. Clean Hair

When scheduling a bridal hair trial, I always ask my bride to please share any inspirational hair pictures. This is so important, and it plays a part in the consultation prior to meeting with my bride in person.  From looking at a picture without seeing my brides hair in person, I can get a general idea and advise her on her hair preparation prior to the trial to get the most out of her hair.

Day old hair works best for upstyles, waves, or textured hairstyles. Hair holds better in an upstyle when it is slightly dirty because the bobby pins wont slide out of the hair. It will also hold your textured waves and hairstyles longer while you dance the night away.  For the clients with oily scalps that are hesitant to have day old hair for their trial... I say "Day old hair please!"  I have product that can do the rest!  

Clean hair is perfect if you're wanting a blowout, or to wear your hair in a soft romantic down hairstyle.

The next time you plan an evening out and would like to try an upstyle, try having day old hair. You will see a huge difference in how your upstyle will turn out!  Enjoy! XoXo